Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Awesome History Sites

Paper on World War I due? Looking for inspiration from something other than your possibly (likely!) out-of-date school textbook or Wikipedia? These library e-resources and must-try websites are good supplements to the history topics being covered in the classroom.

For younger students...
  • America's Story - Brought to you by the Library of Congress, this site aims to "put the story back in history and show you some things that you've never heard or seen before." For example, discover what Abraham Lincoln had in his pockets on the night he was assassinated
  • BBC Schools Primary History  - Videos, games and activities for ages 4-11 covering a variety of historical topics
  • Britannica Library-Children - It's best to search for a specific historical topic (versus just "history,"), but users can access articles, videos, images and other related content. Content can be narrowed down by reading level (1-2-3). Access with your FCPL library card.
  • Kids InfoBits - Under Social Studies, younger students can browse through topics like Historical Figures, U.S. Presidents and more. Text can be read aloud. Access with your FCPL library card.
  • World Book Online for Kids - Children can explore "Important People" and "History and Government." For struggling readers, there is the option to hear the text read aloud. Access with your FCPL library card.
For older students...
  • Biography In Context - Get to know the people behind the historical events/social forces you're researching with this engaging database available to FCPL card holders. 
  • Britannica Library-Young Adults and/or Britannica Library-Reference Center - Access articles, videos, images, primary sources and e-books when you search for topics that span history. Like the Children's version, the results can be filtered by reading level. Access with your FCPL library card.
  • Crash Course - John Green...yes, "The Fault In Our Stars" John Green, is the star (and teacher) of online videos covering US History and World History. Green, along with his brother Hank, also have videos covering science and literature. 
  • Find It Virginia's U.S History Collection and World History Collection - Search hundreds of thousands of articles in scholarly journals not available on the Internet. Access with your FCPL library card.
  • Google Cultural Institute: Historic Moments - Check out online exhibits that feature art, videos, audio and text about significant historical people, places and events.
  • Literati - You can search a topic (i.e., World War I) and topic pages containing hand-curated e-reference materials, will bubble to the top of your results. If you don't have a topic yet, click/tap on the Find Topic Pages tab, Filter by Category "History" and explore numerous entries. Access with your FCPL library card.
  • Made From History - Features picture essays, timelines, videos, and interactive guides to significant events in European and World history, and Civil Rights, with additional topics such as the Civil War in the works.
  • National Archives: Online Exhibits - Students can use images and documents from the Digital Vault to create posters and videos to enhance research papers and presentations.
  • World Book Online Info Finder - Older students can access primary sources, e-books and encyclopedia content by searching specific subjects or browsing by subject "History" and then digging deeper into sub-topics such as Russia and Soviet Union, etc. Access with your FCPL library card.
Hopefully the above sites will get you started on your exploration of history and make the research portion of your history project more interesting. Remember too that your local library has loads of good books and videos, and friendly librarians to help you find what you need.

~ Alison, Electronic Resources Librarian

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