Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Free Image Editing Tools

If you're tired of paying for (or trying to master) Photoshop, or you're using a computer that doesn't have Photoshop installed, here are a couple of  free, web-based (i.e., no download required!) image editors that I personally use that may meet your image manipulation needs:

Ipiccy - With a super-intuitive control panel, this is much less complicated than Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Aside from cropping/resizing, the tool set allows you to apply filters, effects and has layers that, like Photoshop, allow you to make professional final products. They also make it easy to upload projects to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks where you can store your finished work. When you visit the website, be sure to scroll down/ignore the advertisements that ask you to download software. That is for another product, GIMP, which requires a download...

Pixlr - Whether creating an image from scratch, layering one image over another or using a variety of filters, effects and level adjustments to transform your photographs, Pixlr produces results on par with many of its software-based counterparts and is extremely user-friendly.

Hope you enjoy!

~ Alison -- Electronic Resources Librarian

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