Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Series & Sequels

If you're wondering if a book has a sequel or want to devour all of the books in a series, the library has several e-resources to help you in your quest.

Did you know you can search the library's online catalog by the series title? This is especially helpful if you know you want the 3rd title in the Inspector Rebus series, but aren't sure if the title is "Tooth and Nail" or "Hammer and Nail." If you're not sure what the series title is, what I do is look up the title of the book I know I read/enjoyed (hint - if you have your reading history enabled, it's easy to find what you've already read) and click on the Series title link in the record:

By clicking on the link "Inspector Rebus mysteries series; 1," I'm taken to an ordered list of all the Inspector Rebus Mystery Series titles in the library's collection.

Aside from the library's online catalog, be sure to visit our Readers' Tools page on the library website. There, under the section labeled, Book Reviews, Series Info., Read-Alikes & More, you'll find a number of resources that provide guidance on reading in a series, finding similar books to those you love and much more, including:

  • Books & Authors - I often consult this database, specifically the Who, What, Where, When search, to find titles that feature a specific character (and I don't remember the book title or the series title)
  • Fantastic Fiction - This is especially helpful if I just want to see the various series an author writes, as well as his/her non-series fiction, all in one place. Ideal for prolific authors like Nora Roberts.
~ Alison -- Electronic Resources Librarian

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