Monday, June 4, 2012

June is Audiobook Awareness Month

With June being Audiobook Awareness Month, what better time to acquaint yourself with the library's audiobook offerings? Books on CD have been around for some time and for commuters are a welcome alternative to commercial radio. Books on CD also provide a break for parents on a family road trip.

Find books on CD @ your local library

To limit your search of the library's online catalog to just books on CD, go to the Advanced Search page and enter/select the following:
  1. Enter Search Terms - put an asterisk (*) as "any field" if you're not sure what you are looking for; otherwise enter in an author name and change "any field" to author or try a specific title. If you just want mystery books on CD, you could make "any field" equal to CMY, which is the call number of books on CD* that are mysteries;
  2. Add Limits (Optional) - under Material Type, select/click on CD BOOKS
  3. Hit the Submit button
*Other call numbers specific to books on CD include CF (fiction), CN (non fiction), CB (biography), YCF (young adult fiction), YCN (young adult non fiction), YCB (young adult biography), JCF (juvenile fiction), JCN (juvenile non fiction) and JCB (juvenile biography)

Download e-audio books to your portable listening device

The library also offers patrons the option of downloading e-audiobooks. There are two e-audio book services, OverDrive and OneClickDigital.

OverDrive e-audio books include popular fiction and non-fiction and are compatible with a number of devices. Similar to CD books you check out from the library, when an item is checked out, you will have the option of placing a hold. E-audio titles can be checked out for 1 or 2 weeks. There is an OverDrive Media Console app for the iPod/iPad as well as Android devices. Check out e-books and e-audio books with your Fauquier County Public Library card.

OneClickDigital, the exclusive provider of Recorded Books audio, allows unlimited checkouts for all titles, so there is no need to place a hold on an item. You can checkout an e-audio title for 21 days. The OneClickDigital Media Manager software is also available as an app for iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices.You will need to set up an account using your Fauquier County Public Library card. For more information, register for a 45-minute webinar which includes a complete tour of the service, and shows you how to create an account, install the OneClickdigital Media Manager, search for content, manage checkouts, and download and transfer audiobooks to your listening device(s). You can register by using one of the links below:

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