Thursday, May 31, 2012

Queen Victoria's Journals Now Online (for a limited time)

This book, Mamma gave me, that I might write the journal of my journey to Wales in it.”
Just in time for the current Diamond Jubilee celebrations of HM Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Victoria's Journals have been  released for the first time and made available online.

The site makes available online digital images of every page in the entire sequence of Queen Victoria's diaries, and will eventually provide full transcriptions and keyword searching of the journal entries covering the period from Queen Victoria's first diary entry in July 1832 to her marriage to Prince Albert in February 1840.

NOTE: Only for a limited time is this online collection being made available for free to users around the world. From July 2012 onwards it will remain freely available in perpetuity to all users within the United Kingdom as well as some specific libraries elsewhere (the site does not mention the United States). Hurry and check this site out today!

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  1. Oh, I don't have the patience to decipher her handwriting, but this is very cool, regardless. I hope that the transcriptions will be available for viewing in the States, but I wonder if the "other countries" will just Canada/Australia/countries in the Commonwealth.