Monday, April 2, 2012

1940 Census Now Available

The 1940 Census is now available online (for free)!

What's included?
For each person recorded in the census you'll find a name, personal description, address, details about their family, education, place of birth (of self and parents), citizenship, employment status, occupation, veteran status, and more. To learn more, the National Archives has published a complete list of the questions asked on the 1940 Census.

How do I search?
At this point, there is no name index. However, researchers will be able to search by address, Enumeration District (ED), and geographic location. Researchers will be able to browse images by ED number directly, or use address or geographic information to locate the appropriate census schedule. For more information, see How to Start Your 1940 Census Research.

On the bright side, has announced plans to index the census after it opens, sometime in 2012. The Fauquier County Public Library subscribes to AncestryLibrary, which is available for use in any library location

For complete details and FAQs on the 1940 census, check out the National Archives website.

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