Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Homework Help

Did you know the library's website is chock full of librarian-approved educational resources for students? Featured websites include:
  • Khan Academy - Recently featured on 60 Minutes and touted by Bill Gates, this site includes thousands of videos covering math, science, humanities and test prep to provide "a world-class education to anyone, anywhere."
  • American Memory - From the Library of Congress, students can access original written/spoken words, sound recordings, still and moving impages, prints, maps and sheet music. These are the types of resources that truly add context to what's being studied in the classroom.
  • Exploratorium - Not just a website, but an online museum featuring online activities and exhibits covering science and the arts.
  • Finding Dulcinea - An absolute treasure trove of well-researched, quality information on topics of interest to students and adults alike. Be sure to bookmark the Sweet Search for Students - search results only include those websites evaluated by their research experts.
Homework help on the library's website can be found on the following pages:
With the recent unseasonably warm weather, it's easy to forget that we still have another 3+ months of school ahead of us. Time to buckle down and end the school year on a high note. Your local library (and your library card) are keys to that success - take advantage of all that we have to offer!

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