Friday, September 30, 2011

Get your fiction fix with the library's e-book collection

Looking for the latest Stephanie Plum series for your e-reader? The Fauquier County Public Library has you covered. Even if the library is closed, you can access the library's e-book and e-audio book collection any time. Fiction lovers will find a large selection of downloadable e-audio books and e-books through the Blue Ridge Download Consortium powered by OverDrive. And, as of Sept. 21, the library's e-book collection through OverDrive is compatible with the Amazon Kindle. Watch a how-to video to see how easy it is to get e-books for your Kindle.

What you'll need to access e-books and e-audiobooks through Fauquier County Public Library's OverDrive collection:

  1. A valid, permanent library card (temporary cards are not accepted)
  2. Access to the Internet 
  3. For e-audio books - OverDrive Media Console, free software for the computer and/or device on which you wish to download to
  4. For e-books - Adobe Digital Editions account and software; Kindle users do NOT need this software, will access the e-books through their Amazon/Kindle account
If you have questions about the library's e-book/e-audio book collection, reference staff would be happy to assist you.

    Thursday, September 29, 2011

    Explore health and medical science careers

    The National Institutes of Health, Office of Science Education's LifeWorks® is an interactive career exploration web site where users can browse for information on more than 100 medical science and health careers by title, education required, interest area, or median salary. Alternatively, the "Career Finder" can be used to generate a customized list of careers especially suited for users' skills and interests. LifeWorks® promotes awareness of the wide variety of occupations in health and medical sciences and the range of opportunities at different education levels. The site complements its factual career data by highlighting true stories of successful people in the field. They illustrate the variety of real-life career pathways, from the carefully planned to the unpredictable. 

    While the site is designed for middle and high school students, and those helping them make decisions about their future, it would also be useful for individuals who are considering a career change and looking at the health care field.

    Schoolhouse Rock

    Get all your favorite Schoolhouse Rock videos in one place on the Schoolhouse Rock YouTube channel. For the lyrics, check out the Schoolhouse Rock Lyrics site.

    Tuesday, September 6, 2011

    Free children's e-books

    Access beautifully-illustrated children's e-books by author/illustrator Hans Wilhelm in English and many other languages via You can view the books online or download as PDF files to your computer. Teachers and homeschoolers - for tips on how to integrate Children's Books Forever in your classroom or home learning environment, see Kelly Tenkely's post on

    Thursday, September 1, 2011

    Hispanic Heritage Month

    Hispanic Heritage Month runs September 15 through October 15. Here are some online resources you can use at home, in the classroom or to help you with your homework.

    e-Resource of the Month: World Book Online Reference Center

    World Book Online Reference Center

    World Book Online Reference Center is a powerful reference tool for advanced researchers and information seekers. The site features tens of thousands of articles and hundreds of thousands of primary source documents and features developed especially for public library patrons. Key features of the World Book Online Reference Center include:

      1. Search all encyclopedia, multimedia, periodical, e-book, and primary source databases in a single search, or use our image search to focus on the site’s rich multimedia.
      2. Research tools, including dictionary, My Research, and powerful search and browse interfaces to locate e-books and primary sources, help users compile the data and information they need to complete their assignments and background research.
      3. Customize your home page with the two newsfeeds of your choice
      4. Browse images from newly added articles. Click on the images for direct access to the latest World Book content.
      5. Computer and Web Tutorials make technology accessible even to the most basic users.
      6. How To… documents contain a wealth of practical information and real world examples to build skills for living.
      7. Customized Government Resources display web links to local and federal government institutions.
      8. Explore Interactive Earth to access World Book content integrated into Interactive Maps, the World Book Atlas, and comprehensive resource guides on continents, countries, states, and provinces.
      9. Timelines gives users the option to view pre-made timelines or create their own.
      10. Build citations in MLA, APA, and Harvard citation format with Citation Builder.
      11. How to Do Research provides tutorials and exercises for students and educators on 21st century information literacy skills.

      Access to this database requires a Fauquier County Public Library card number. If you do not have a library card, apply for one online and gain instant access to this database.

      Like all the library's premium online resources/databases, you can find this at, under Find Information... Search for Articles and More.