Friday, July 1, 2011

e-Resource of the Month: TumbleBook Library

TumbleBooks are animated, talking picture books that have been created from existing picture books from well-known publishers and authors and converted to the TumbleBook format. Also included in the TumbleBook Library are:
  • Read-Alongs - combine adjustable text and color with complete narration and sentence by sentence highlighting
  • Non-Fiction Books - science, math, history, animals and geography come alive
  • Language Learning - a collection of children's books, mostly in French, and Spanish
  • Puzzles & Games -  a set of puzzles and games to play after reading a TumbleBook
To access the full version of Tumblebooks, go to the library's youth services web page and see the TumbleBooks link. You can also access the TumbleBook library from any of the library's public computers. After logging into the computer and opening up the web browser, click on Games for Children for access to TumbleBooks and other age-appropriate games and activities popular with children.

* NOTE: TumbleBooks are created in Flash animation and require the Flash plug-in to view and hear the animation. The great majority of computers and operating systems are already preloaded with Flash, however, if you are unable to view the books you can download the Flash plug-in for free from Adobe.

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