Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Watch documentaries online for free

SnagFilms provides free online access to documentary films from established filmmakers as well as first-time documentary producers. Films are streamed, meaning there is no software installation or downloading required. All you need is a decent broadband connection. You can browse documentaries by topic, by channel (although I find the channel names somewhat vague), or check What's Hot or the A-Z list. There's also a search, if you know the name of the film you're looking for.

SnagFilms also has a division, SnagLearning, which contains educational videos for teaching and learning. The educational videos and documentaries are organized by grade level and classroom subject. There are also channels that include content from National Geographic and PBS. Helpful "learning questions," and in some cases, lesson plans, are included along with the films/video content.

So how 'bout taking a break from junk food t.v. and watch something a bit more nourishing for the mind and soul?

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  1. Snag films is an excellent resource to watch documentaries online, I do find the layout of the site a little too commercial if that makes any sense, they do have a good collection of not so common documentaries mind, I own a website called which has hand selected documentaries if anyone is looking for some diversity... Great blog! Keep up the good work!