Monday, December 20, 2010

Google Search Results - Now See Reading Level

Google now allows you to see the reading level of your search results and even filter your search by reading level. Just go to the advanced search and under Need more tools? select "annotate results with reading levels" to see the reading level displayed or filter further by showing only results by a specific reading level (basic, intermediate or advanced).

How did Google come up with the reading levels, you ask? According to Google, "The feature is based primarily on statistical models we built with the help of teachers. We paid teachers to classify pages for different reading levels, and then took their classifications to build a statistical model. With this model, we can compare the words on any webpage with the words in the model to classify reading levels. We also use data from Google Scholar, since most of the articles in Scholar are advanced."

Perhaps at some point Google will allow users to actually rate the reading level (crowd-sourcing)?

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