Friday, October 1, 2010

October eResource - Bloom's Literary Reference Online

Have a paper due on British poet John Donne? How about contemporary author Dave Eggers? Look no further than Bloom's Literary Reference Online. With more than 15,000 entries on births, deaths, publications, and events in world literature from the ancient era to the present day, this online database includes...
  • Biographies of thousands of authors from around the world, searchable by nationality, type of writing, or time periods ranging from ancient to modern
  • Overviews, synopses, analysis, and literary criticism of thousands of works—from novels to poetry to plays—searchable by genre and time period or alphabetically
  • In-depth, full-text entries on literary movements, literary groups, magazines and newspapers, and historical events that help place literature in context, as well as definitions of literary terms
  • A dictionary of more than 34,000 entries with concise, informative definitions, many with pronunciation, etymology, and syllable breaks of the word
  • Information on more than 42,000 major and minor literary characters, including where they first appeared, what part they played in the plot, and how they are related to other literary characters
  • Essays on how to write about literature, including essays by Harold Bloom on popularly assigned authors
  • Harold Bloom's Western Canon: Professor Bloom's selections of the major works of Western literature through the present day

Bloom's also includes video segments covering a range of topics—from biographies of writers to critical analysis of plays to literary genres.

To access this resource, along with additional online resources to help you with your literature studies such as Books & Authors and Contemporary Literary Criticism Select, simply go to the library's Web site, click on Find Information > Search for Articles and More. Under Literature and eBooks, you'll see a link to the Bloom's log in page. You'll need your Fauquier County Public Library card in order to continue. If you don't have a card, apply for one online.

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