Thursday, September 2, 2010

Get Ready For... Research/Term Papers

With the start of school, students will need to get back into the swing of writing research papers. If you simply do a Google search on research papers, you'll have to sift through a number of sites devoted to selling term papers for a fee. Your best bet is to instead try the following selected resources on the web and at the library to help you through the term paper/research paper process.

Suggested Websites...
  • A+ Research & Writing - Designed for high school and college students, this site offers students a step-by-step approach to the research paper process, including choosing a topic, gathering information, analyzing/forming a thesis and writing your paper.
  • Online Writing Lab (OWL) - Though a service of a university (Purdue), the resources here are broken down for students and instructors in grades 7-12, ESL students, parents and even adults studying for their GED.
  • Scholastic Teachers Writing Workshop - Students can follow mini-lessons on choosing a subject, prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, reviewing and publishing a research paper. There is also a teacher's guide.
  • TIME for Kids Homework Helper: Writing Help - Showcases various types of writing (news story, persuasive essay, etc.), and includes examples you can download/refer to later. Best for upper elementary school students.
  • - FM's homework center includes a section devoted to writing skills. Essays, biographies and research papers are covered. Best for middle school and above. (NOTE: This is the same content that's featured on
@ the Library...
Be sure to check the library's online catalog for books and ebooks to assist you with:
Students of literature will also appreciate our literature-focused online databases...
Of course, all of our online databases will help you with the "research" part of your term paper - reliable, scholarly full-text articles and information from trusted sources.

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