Sunday, August 1, 2010

E-Resource of the Month: Culinary Arts Collection

This month the library is featuring its Culinary Arts Collection database, which gives recreational cooks and professional chefs alike instant access to recipes and other culinary information from trusted sources 24/7.

The Culinary Arts Collection comprises more than 250 major cooking and nutrition magazines and almost 20 reference titles.

To sweeten the deal, the collection also provides quick access to restaurant reviews, industry information and practical instruction, including:

✔ Creating baked goods
✔ Preparing popular recipes
✔ Managing your weight
✔ Choosing the right wine
✔ Gaining catering experience
✔ Preparing fast meals
✔ Practical advice on opening a restaurant
✔ Developing healthy eating habits
✔ Calculating recipes
✔ Becoming a wine connoisseur

Coverage includes thousands of searchable recipes and current restaurant reviews and industry information.

Find Culinary Arts Collection, and all the library's electronic databases, on the library’s website under Find Information > Search for Articles & More > Arts & Leisure.

For cookbooks, cooking magazines and more, check the library's online catalog, keyword = cooking.

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