Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Career Interest Assessment Tool

Ferguson's Career Guidance Center has been enhanced with an exciting new feature: a career interest assessment tool that will help you explore occupations and industries that best match your personal interests.

Ideal for students exploring possible future occupations and for professionals seeking a new career path, the career interest assessment tool is based on the O*Net® Interest Profiler™. By asking users to respond to a series of statements, it ranks the importance of six key interest categories:
  1. Artistic

  2. Conventional

  3. Enterprising

  4. Investigative

  5. Realistic

  6. Social
For each interest area, lists of related industries and occupations are provided, with links to information about each one from Ferguson's Career Guidance Center's database of more than 3,400 jobs and 94 industry articles.
Key features include:

  • Detailed 180-item questionnaire ranks each user's personal interest areas

  • Users may adjust their answers or retake the assessment at any time

  • Users may save their assessment results

  • Lists of related industries and occupations provide a springboard for career exploration

Use your library card to explore Ferguson's Career Guidance Center 24x7 via the library's website.

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