Thursday, July 1, 2010

e-Resource of the Month: Books and Authors

You probably know the feeling of finishing a thrilling novel or an engaging nonfiction work and wanting to sustain that momentum to the next book. But how do you determine the next book?
Books & Authors is a new online resource that offers ways to explore the endless possibilities and combinations of books, authors and topics.

Using Books & Authors you can:

· Find a book based on genre and story type or subgenre
· Use the Read Alike Wizard to find other books related to titles you’ve already read
· Use the “Who? What? Where? When?” search to find books based on character descriptors, subjects, geographic settings, and time periods
· Access hundreds of award winners, expert picks and librarians’ favorites

Find Books & Authors on the library’s website under Find Information > Search for Articles & More > Literature and eBooks.

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