Thursday, June 17, 2010

Home Improvement Websites

There are many free manuals and instructional videos for Do It Yourself (DIY)-ers. Here's a list of sites that may help you with your next home improvement project.
  • This Old House - Fans of the PBS series will appreciate the practical how-to many videos and step-by-step directions for numerous household tasks, if not the ubiquitous ads for Home Depot and This Old House magazine ( can check out copies from the library).

  • DIY Network - Access basics of numerous home improvement projects and post problems/access solutions in DIYN's online forum.

  • - Along with simple home improvement plans (probably more on the "fluff" side), get ideas for landscaping, decorating and organizing.

  • - Lots of videos (and also lots of commercial plugs) for the visual learner.

Less than stellar, but still useful...

  • Instructables - This site has user-submitted content. Most is free, but more and more of the instructables have a PRO icon, which means you'll be hit up for a subscription.

  • Lifehacker - Another site chock full of user-submitted tips and tricks. Not easily browseable like Instructables.

  • Acme How To - This is almost more of an online manual/guide (more reading vs. interactivity) to various repair topics - they explain how a particular appliance or system works and some info. on how to fix them. The site includes a section on diagnosing and repairing personal computers. Not all topics have been completed (some sections are "greyed out"), so is a work in progress.

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