Friday, March 19, 2010

Virtual Field Trips For Kids

Meet Me At The Corner is a resource for children and parents that provides educational, kid-friendly videos, and "encourages individual expression and participation through video submissions from children worldwide." New videos are uploaded every 2 weeks and include links to Web sites and suggested discussion questions. You can limit video selections by topic or geographic region using the drop-down menu in the Episodes section of the site.

Many of the videos focus on the sites/sounds/cultural offerings of New York, but there are videos from other parts of the country as well.

I think the tabs/sections on this site devoted to MMATC's Amazon Store and some of the links in the Contests section (there is a prominent one for Colgate's free tooth brush offer) may be a turn-off for some teachers who do not want anything the least bit commercial in the classroom setting. The site also has links to other kid videos sites, some of which lean more on the fun/entertainment side versus standard educational topics. However, most of the content appears to be completely non-commercial and the folks behind the site/content seem focused on the educational aspects of online video.

Because kids are encouraged to submit videos (and the videos on the site star/are created and submitted by other children), this site may be fun to explore in the classroom (you are less apt to get "off task" like you would using YouTube) and inspire students to create their own virtual field trips they can share.

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