Monday, March 1, 2010

E-Resource of the Month: Women in History

With March being Women's History Month, this month's e-resource is Gale's Women in History. Women in History is a custom database of over 270,000 articles from academic, trade, professional and general interest publications, specific to the field of women's history. Coverage spans the years 1980 through today. For the student who doesn't have time to waste wading through numerous online newspaper and magazine articles on a variety of topics, this custom group of articles on a specific topic (in this case, women's history) keeps one focused on the task at hand. Users can search by name, keyword or browse specific subjects such as "labor force" to find articles. The subject browse is also a good to find articles under specific names.

To access this database with your library card, visit the library's Web site and click on "Search for Articles & More." Women in History is listed under Subject Research.

For all online women's history resources, see my 3/8/2010 post on Women's History Month Resources.

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