Friday, January 22, 2010

New Language Courses @ the Library

Fauquier County Public Library is pleased to introduce a new series of interactive language courses from Transparent Language that you can download directly to your laptop or PC. The courses, which are contained on a USB storage device (i.e, a "flash drive"), focus on two (2) proven learning methods to help you expand your language abilities: (1) vocabulary building and (2) using words and phrases in an immersive, whole-language learning experience.

How it works
Simply insert the USB key into one of your computer's USB slots/ports, install the software and you're ready to begin. For more details, watch an online demo of this process on the Recorded Books library site.

You'll first start out with 15 Beginner Lessons, equivalent to one year of a high school course or 1 semester of a college course. Every lesson builds on the ones before it, to gradually take you from no knowledge of the language to an intermediate level of proficiency.

Then, when you are ready, you can proceed on to the Advanced-Beginner level and Intermediate level video lessons, which include Reading Lessons, Travel Tours, and Video Conversations featuring real native speaker dialogues.

Over a dozen different languages are available at the library, from Chinese to Swedish. These USB drives can be checked out, and borrowed for three weeks, just like other library items.

Free online resources
Check out some of these free online resources to supplement the Transparent Language courses:

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