Friday, January 8, 2010

Easy Way to Create a Graph/Chart

Have data you want to present in a visual manner, something that will jump out at your audience? Using graphs/charts is a great way to do that. While the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Kids' Zone is geared at kids, their Create a Graph feature is a handy tool for anyone, adult or child, and will help you present your data in a compelling manner. And no need to know Microsoft Excel!
  1. Pick the type of graph or chart you'd like to present your data in;
  2. Design tab - Customize the design elements (shading, background color, etc.);
  3. Data tab - Enter in your data values, labels and title, etc.;
  4. Labels tab - Choose whether you want your data labels to be % of total, value + %, etc., fonts used and so forth;
  5. Preview tab - See how your data will be presented in the graph/chart you chose;
  6. Print/Save tab -You can then save (download as a PDF, JPG, etc.), print or e-mail the graph.

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