Monday, September 28, 2009

Trademark Search

If you're a company/small business that is looking to file a trademark, are a brand logo designer or researching trademarks in general, check out the newly launched Trademarkia Web site/search engine. Trademarkia allows you to search (by company, theme, product category or filing attorney) all U.S. trademarks filed since 1870, including dead trademarks. The site even allows you to register for a trademark (for $159). Searching is free.

Brand managers will find the logo theme search/browse especially interesting. Say I want to create a logo for my Web site. Let's say I want a panda. I can click into the Animals section of Logo Themes, click on Panda bears, and voila, see the 595 other logos out there currently using the cute and cuddly Panda as their logo.

A bit less user-friendly is the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's TESS system (Trademark Electronic Search System) and the USPTO Design Search Code Manual. Finding Panda logos in this government tool is definitely less straightforward than the Trademarkia version.

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