Thursday, September 17, 2009

Explore energy Kids

The Energy Information Administration (I confess I wasn't even aware such an administration existed) recently launched energy Kids, a slick new Web site for kids and educators. The site covers:
  • the basics of energy (sources, forms, physical units, etc.);
  • more in-depth discussion of the various sources of energy (geothermal, solar, wind, etc.);
  • an overview of how energy is used (and how to save it);
  • historical facts, including an energy timeline and biographical information on scientists associated with energy issues/breakthroughs;
  • games and activities that will help make learning about energy a bit more fun for kids and adults alike
Teachers can find energy-related lesson plans by grade-level, suggested field trips and other free resources to "energize" students, and parents/students will be happy to find a number of science fair experiments for all grade levels.

For additional children's resources on energy, check out the library's online catalog.

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