Friday, April 17, 2009


Earth Day, which is celebrated annually on April 22, is dedicated to building awareness and appreciation of the earth and the environment. Check out the following online resources for ideas and inspiration for 2009.

Web Sites for All Ages
The Earth Day Network has lots of educational materials, listings of events and environmental fact sheets. They even have an Earth Day in a Box section which has everything you need to organize, plan and promote your own Earth Day events.

Our own U.S. government hosts, a site with tips on saving energy/doing your part to "go green" at home and work, as well as activities for teachers and students.

On a related note, Celebrate Arbor Day (and the beauty of trees in general), which falls on April 24. Not only learn about trees, but access educational activities, suggested activities for the classroom, and even give trees as a gift.

Web Sites for Children
The Lorax Project challenges children of all ages to "do their part to conserve the places and species that are critical to the future of our planet." Kids will meet the friends of the Lorax (remember the Dr. Seuss book that espoused the dangers of ecological destruction well before it was fashionable?), including Gibbons, Lemurs and Red Pandas. They can also check out activities, games and even send a letter to the Lorax, describing what they are doing to help the planet.

Walden Media's Hoot Endangered Species Map allows you to click on your state to learn about its endangered species. This interactive map also shows the locations of the different biomes in the country. has lots of cool eco-friendly craft projects, coloring pages, games and activities. Watch out for the ads on this site, though (lots of them).

Web Sites for Teens
Planet Connect is a place where students who want to learn more about environmental issues will find a wealth of information on the environment (written/designed for teens by teens), as well as environmental clubs and activities around the country. They can also create profiles, "friend" each other, and post articles of interest and create groups—all while sharing their concerns about pollution, climate change, and biodiversity.

Go Green @ the Library - Be sure to set up your online account and include your e-mail address so that we can e-mail your notices instead of printing/mailing.

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