Friday, February 6, 2009

Resumes & Cover Letters

So you've explored your career options and are now hunting for a job using the Internet. Before you apply online, make sure you have your resume (or various versions thereof) and some cover letters ready.

Recommended Web Sites

Online Databases

Log in with your library card to Ferguson's Career Guidance Center and check the Skills area where you can view and download sample resumes and cover letters as well as get tips on acing the job interview.

At the Library

On your next visit to the library, be sure to check out resources on...

Also, the library offers access to Microsoft Word 2007 on its public computers. In Word, there are templates for resumes, cover letters and more that you can use, modify and then save to your USB drive and/or print out for an employer. To access the templates, open up Word, click on the Windows button in the upper left corner, choose New and then select My templates... which is the 3rd item listed under Templates. Click on the Jobs & Career tab to see sample resume and cover letter templates which you are free to use.

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