Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Local Jobs - Grocery Stores

Online Applications for Local Employers - Grocery Stores

  • Giant Store Positions - Fill out an online job application (in English or Spanish) using JobsExpress. The online application is rather lengthy. Whereas many employers advertising unskilled jobs are focused on getting applicants personal history (contact info, education and work history), Giant is particularly interested in applicants' approach to moral situations. There are also a number of questions at the end of the application process, strictly voluntary, that pertain to the applicants use of food stamps, being in the Welfare-to-Work program and participation on social programs. These must either be answered or skipped before the application will be submitted.

  • Safeway Store Positions - Also offers the application in English or Spanish and not nearly as time-consuming as Giant's. Applicants should note thatwhile the last section is voluntary, it appears you have to answer to ensure your application is submitted. Applications are only kept for 60 days and then you must reapply.

  • Bloom - When you fill out their online application, it will also cover Food Lion, another local supermarket chain that falls under the same parent company. The 2nd step asks that you narrow down your choices/search for specific positions. Note that if you just want to first create your application and then apply for specific jobs later, use their Create an Application tool, which you don't see until you scroll down the Search for Jobs page.

  • Harris Teeter - You can submit your resume online, but there was not a listing for the Warrenton store specifically. You'll need to choose Northern VA area. If you want to see what is open/apply for open positions, you'll first need to choose a career type (management versus hourly, for example), and then eventually you'll be sent off to CareerBuilder.com where you can read the job description and apply online. The application process involves uploading or copy and pasting your resume. You can also submit a cover letter.

  • Wegmans - Located next door in Prince William county, there are currently no listings for VA stores except Fredericksburg.

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