Monday, December 15, 2008

Teachers -- Assignment Alerts

Teachers -- did you know that the Fauquier County Public Library Web site has an extensive collection of links to online resources and items to check out from the library that are geared at educators, specifically those based in Virginia? Be sure to check out the resources broken down by subject, such as English & Reading and Math & Science.

The library's Web site also has a link to an online assignment alert form you (the teacher) can fill out to alert library staff to upcoming projects your students will be assigned. Often library staff will notice that several students will come in at varying times and all request items on a particular topic. This past week we've had high school students looking for any and all information on the Kindertransport). One of the benefits of teaching staff sending us an alert is that we can set aside items that will be helpful to the students (and staff can familiarize themselves with the contents of the assignment) and if needed, can pull circulating items so that all students will have access to what may be a limited resource.

One other thing to note is that often students will tell library staff that "no Internet content is allowed." It's important to keep in mind that many legitimate reference resources from our online databases may be confused for being "Internet" resources, i.e., unsubstantiated information from non-legitimate or unacceptable Web sites (i.e., someone's personal blog posting). eBooks and information obtained from online databases are indeed legitimate items from the library's collection -- they just happen to be in electronic format versus print. If a teacher indeed does not want a student to use any online (i.e., non-print) resources for his/her term paper, please note this in the online assignment alert form. Our goal is to better serve you and your students.

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