Monday, December 15, 2008

Teachers -- Assignment Alerts

Teachers -- did you know that the Fauquier County Public Library Web site has an extensive collection of links to online resources and items to check out from the library that are geared at educators, specifically those based in Virginia? Be sure to check out the resources broken down by subject, such as English & Reading and Math & Science.

The library's Web site also has a link to an online assignment alert form you (the teacher) can fill out to alert library staff to upcoming projects your students will be assigned. Often library staff will notice that several students will come in at varying times and all request items on a particular topic. This past week we've had high school students looking for any and all information on the Kindertransport). One of the benefits of teaching staff sending us an alert is that we can set aside items that will be helpful to the students (and staff can familiarize themselves with the contents of the assignment) and if needed, can pull circulating items so that all students will have access to what may be a limited resource.

One other thing to note is that often students will tell library staff that "no Internet content is allowed." It's important to keep in mind that many legitimate reference resources from our online databases may be confused for being "Internet" resources, i.e., unsubstantiated information from non-legitimate or unacceptable Web sites (i.e., someone's personal blog posting). eBooks and information obtained from online databases are indeed legitimate items from the library's collection -- they just happen to be in electronic format versus print. If a teacher indeed does not want a student to use any online (i.e., non-print) resources for his/her term paper, please note this in the online assignment alert form. Our goal is to better serve you and your students.

Research Companies

Whether you're job hunting, brushing up for an interview or doing research before you invest, there are a number of online resources that will help you with your decision-making.

  • Business and Company Resource Center - Use your library card number to access this Find It Virginia resource. Access company profiles, industry overviews and articles on specific businesses.
  • SEC Filings & Forms (EDGAR) - All companies, foreign and domestic, are required to file registration statements, periodic reports, and other forms electronically through EDGAR. Anyone can access and download this information for free. Also access regulatory actions and investor information.
  • Hoover's Online - Though portions of the site are subscription (fee) only, they do allow users to freely access industry overviews, company listings (alphabetically, by industry type, geography, SIC listing and most viewed). Information includes overview, competitor listing, recent news articles, and more.
  • Reference USA - Available inside your local library, find detailed information on over 14 million businesses throughout the United States. Searchable by name, SIC code, yellow pages listing and more. Especially helpful if you're looking to target companies by geographic region or are researching corporate relationships (headquarters versus branch, etc.).
  • - Another subscription site that provides a lot of free information for non-subscribers. For job seekers who have a specific company in mind, the message boards are invaluable - feedback on company practices from actual employees.

Job Hunting on the Internet

Job Hunting on the Internet
Fauquier County Public Library's reference department has put together two (2) new brochures on career and job hunting resources on the Internet. Last week I posted on Career Resources on the Internet. This week, my post focuses specifically on some of the job hunting resources included in the print brochure.

NOTE: See also my previous posts on Ferguson's Career Guidance Center and Career Advancement Tools and Resources.

All-Purpose Job Banks
These large employment Web sites allow job seekers to post resumes online, search for jobs and allow contact by employers.
  • America's Job Exchange - Specializes in non-executive jobs and offers a comprehensive set of tools and resources needed to manage your career online.
  • - Search by company, industry, job category. Includes international jobs and jobs posted in Spanish.
  • - Probably the most comprehensive (and well known) site of all, offering job listings, resume assistance, interviewing tips and more. If you are a recent college graduate or looking for entry-level work or an internship, check out their monster COLLEGE section.
  • Yahoo! Careers - Another large-scale employment site with various career tools and career question and answers.
Federal Government Jobs
  • - The official job site of the United States Federal Government. Search for jobs by grade, salary, agency, location, etc., and apply online. Get the scoop on jobs in demand and details on working for the U.S. government. If you are a student, check out Student Jobs for applicants in high school, college and/or graduate school.
State and Local Government Jobs
  • Virginia Jobs - Find everything you need to explore a career in state government.
  • Fauquier County Government - Browse job openings and apply online for a general government or public schools job in Fauquier County.
  • Town of Warrenton - Employment opportunities in the Town of Warrenton.
State, Regional and Local Jobs
  • Virginia Workforce Connection - Comprehensive job matching between job seekers and employers in Virginia.
  • Craig's List - Search job listings for Washington, DC metro area, Northern Virginia and a growing list of Virginia communities.
  • - Post your resume for local employers, search/browse for local jobs.
  • - Browse all of the employment ads in the Times-Community family of newspapers, including the Fauquier Times-Democrat, Rappahannock News and Culpeper Times.
  • Washington Post Jobs - Thousands of job listings in and around Washington, D.C.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Increase Text Size on the Fly

Say you're browsing a Web site and want to zoom in on something or increase the text size on the fly. There are a few ways you can do this. In your IE browser menu bar, go to View > Text Size and increase to the size you want is one example. Using the Ctrl key + moving the wheel on your mouse, however, is probably the easiest way to zoom in on something (and fun to do). Try it now - hold down Ctrl key and move the scroll button on your mouse (scrolling up should increase, down should decrease) and watch what's in your browser window increase/decrease.

NOTE: Your mouse must have a wheel on it (scrolling wheel between the left and right buttons) to work.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Career Resources on the Internet

Fauquier County Public Library's reference department has put together two (2) new brochures on career and job hunting resources on the Internet. This post focuses specifically on career resources. I will list the job hunting sites in my next post.

NOTE: See also my previous posts on Ferguson's Career Guidance Center and Career Advancement Tools and Resources.

Career Resources
General/Gateway Sites - The following "Über" sites provide a number of resources, including job descriptions, career paths, educational requirements and more.
  • CareerOneStop - This umbrella site offers a vast array of information on careers, job openings, labor trends and job services.
  • - Geared toward women, this site has numerous articles on job-hunting, self-assessment, career management and balancing work and personal life.
    Career Voyages - Produced by the U. S. Departments of Labor and Education, this site offers infor-mation on high-growth, in-demand occupations and the skills and education required.
  • Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center - An extensive database for exploring careers and planning a job search. Find detailed descriptions of over 3,300 jobs and 94 industries, career paths, skills assessments, educational requirements, schools and financial aid. Download sample resumes and cover letters, watch videos and get interviewing tips. Free access with your FCPL card.
  • - Lists numerous sites offering job searches by industry or profession, location and networking possibilities.
  • - A supplement to Dick Bolles’ book What Color is Your Parachute?, this site offers extensive advice and web links for job hunters and career changers.
  • O*Net — Occupational Information Network Resource Center - The Department of Labor’s O*Net replaces the Dictionary of Occupational Titles. Search occupations by keyword, job family, level of preparation and other variables; link to O*Net Online for complete job descriptions.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook - This U. S. Department of Labor publication gives detailed information on many occupations, including job prospects, working conditions, educational requirements and pay. Link to the companion publication, Career Guide to Industries, for similar data by broad industry groups.
  • States’ Career Clusters - The official website for the States’ Career Clusters Initiative (SCCI), which helps states as they connect career technical education (CTE) to education, workforce preparation and economic development. Find career pathways, plans of study and skills charts.
  • - Career and industry profiles, job-hunting strategies and resume and interviewing tips.

Career Assessment

Salary Information

  • Its Salary Wizard calculates salary ranges for various experience levels and geographic locations.
  • - Basic salary and cost of living calculators are free; purchase premium reports for personalized information.

Careers in Virginia

  • - Explore occupations with links to VirginiaView and locate educational programs.
  • Virginia Career VIEW - “Virginia’s Career Planning System” gives extensive information on many occupations, with sections for students, parents and educators. Find job descriptions, duties, working conditions, earnings and employment projections, with emphasis on Virginia.
  • Virginia Workforce Connection - "Your doorway to employment and labor market information in Virginia.” Assess job skills, research careers, find industry and company data and search for jobs and training opportunities.

Offline, check out the following career resources from your local library:

Holiday Fun

Looking for a way to have your kids help with the holiday decorations (versus just getting underfoot)? Check out these creative holiday craft projects for children (and adults) of all ages...

Don't forget -- you can also place a hold and check out craft resources for children and adults from your local library!