Monday, November 24, 2008

December e-Resource: Ferguson's Career Guidance Center

Getting the job you want is often difficult. FCPL is here to help you with free access to Ferguson's Career Guidance Center. This online tool is broken down in logical areas for ease-of-use:

Jobs - Get detailed information on more than 3300 jobs in 94 industries. To facilitate your search, Ferguson's breaks down jobs and industries into 16 clusters, such as "government and public" and "hospitality and tourism."

Skills - Resume and job hunting skills, including sample cover letters and resumes, along with practical advice on communicating, professional etiquette, working with teams and problem-solving.

Resources - A school search, which allows you to browse a selected list of American colleges and universities to find one that fits your needs as well as the various career assessment tests available (Myers-Briggs, etc.) and where to find them. This section also includes resource guides for specific populations, such as women, minorities and people with disabilities.

Videos - Explore jobs and industries, as well as career skills, by watching hundreds of informative videos.

Ferguson's also includes a monthly career opportunities newsletter, a "My Life" feature, which explores a day in the life of a particular career-holder and a "Focus On" section which provides in-depth information on a particular career sector.

To access Ferguson's Career Guidance Center, go to the library's Web site ( and click on the Search for Articles & More link, under Find Information. Ferguson's is listed under Education, Test Prep and Careers.
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