Monday, July 14, 2008

Encyclopedia of Life

Encyclopedia of Life (EOL)
Released to the public in February, 2008, this website "is an unprecedented global effort . ... by [n]atural history museums, botanical gardens, other research institutions, and dedicated individuals ... to create the most complete biodiversity database on the Web."

Basically it's a wikipedia that's devoted to biodiversity.

There are currently about 25 exemplar species pages (actually endorsed by scientists), covering species such as the yellow fever mosquito, peregrine falcon, death cap mushroom, and cacao. There are also tens of thousands of additional species pages that do not have as rich of content and are not authenticated by an actual scientist.

Materials include photos, description, and details about ecology and cultural relevance.

This is a great resource for the high school or college student studying the natural sciences or anyone who is interested in having a better understanding of life on our planet.