Saturday, May 3, 2008

Free and Easy Computer Tutorials

In Pictures is a Web site that offers online tutorials on popular software and programming tools, including Microsoft Office applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. If you are a visual learner (pictures make more sense than words, need to "see it in action,"), then these are for you. They are very clear, walk you through step-by-step and perfect for beginners. The tutorials focus more on common tasks (set up a simple spreadsheet with simple calculations, for example) than all the gee-whiz features of an application. There are no animations to cause you to lose focus and instead use simple black and white screen shots.

Not comfortable using the mouse? Check out Palm Beach County Library's Mousing Around tutorial.

Other online tutorials for the beginners can be found in the Learning and Technology section of the AARP's Web site. Specifically, the Computers & Technology subcategory includes how-to guides for using a mouse, understanding the Windows desktop, effective searching and more.

For more advanced users, check out CBT Cafe: Computer Based Training Software Video Tutorials, which offers offer free web-based software video training and software video tutorials for multimedia and graphic design in HTML, QuickTime Video, and Flash video tutorial formats.