Friday, November 2, 2007

New: Online Booklists & Rate Items in the Catalog

You know the library has a great selection of booklists for children (including Accelerated Reader lists), both in paper and on the library's Web site. Did you know that we also have online booklists and bibliographies for adults? If you see a recommended item that you'd like to borrow from the library, simply click on the link and place a hold using your online library account.

Aside from placing holds from home, your online library account also lets you "be the judge" and rate items (1 to 5 stars) in the library's collection. It's really quite simple. For example, if you look at our latest fiction, you'll see each item has a set of 5 stars. Click on the stars and rate the item. If you're logged into your library account, this will happen automatically. If you're not logged in yet, you'll be prompted to log in and can proceed with your starred rating. Since this is a new service, most items aren't rated. We hope that patrons find this feature "empowering" and we increase the number of items rated. So please... start rating!