Thursday, July 5, 2007

Create Book Lists and Bibliographies

How do I create a book list/bibliography?

The My List feature can be used to create a list of selected titles (a bibliography) while performing a search in the library's online catalog. This list can then be viewed online, e-mailed to a designated e-mail account or saved to a local disk if accessing the online catalog from your home computer.

Steps for creating a book list/bibliography:

1. Perform a search (author, title, subject, etc.);

2. When you find items you're interested in, click on the Save My List button on the left side of the search results screen, to the left of the item. Continue to search and add titles as needed. NOTE: Titles can be added to the your list list at any time during the search, but not after quitting from the search function;

3. Click on the View Saved button on your results page;

4. Choose the format of the display for your list/bibliography. The Brief Display fits most people's needs, as it includes the author, title, publisher information and the call number;

6. Choose to e-mail your list to a designated e-mail address, view online or save to a local disk if you're using your home computer.