Monday, June 11, 2007

Equilink: A Search Engine With Horsepower

For people who love horses, there is now a search engine for you called Equilink. Before I elaborate any further, please note that, in my opinion, I'm not sure if this Web site is really ready for "prime time." I found some of the features didn't work as expected, others seemed nonsensical. However, if you're a horse lover (and chances are, if you live in Fauquier County, you are), you'll probably find this search engine somewhat useful, or, at the very least, fun to browse through.

There are currently three ways to find information on Equilink:

  1. Search by Keyword

  2. Browse by Category: Breeds, Products, Services, Showing, Betting, Real Estate

  3. Browse by Discipline: Racing, Western, Hunt/Jump, Polo, Saddleseat, Trail, Eventing, Dressage and Vacation

The search engine is supposed to allow you to filter results by geographic location, but often when I tried limiting my results to the state of Virginia, I usually ended up with zero hits. This may be a function of the site being new and the categories not being filled out yet, or that a listing site for say, horse products, sells nationally and does not mention specific states and is thus not tagged by state.

The browsing options allow for lots of detail. For example, I decided to browse on the discipline Polo, and from there I could click on anything from polo apparel to veterinarians who specifically work with polo ponies.

I noticed that the site allows you to change the colors displayed on the site (default is a sort of burnt sienna brown). Useful if you have issues with the color burnt sienna. There is also a button labeled "Login," but when I clicked on that, I was just presented with a login/password screen, no information about setting up an account.

So, maybe Equilink is not perfect, but a search engine that focuses soley on all things horses may save you some time in the long run.