Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Oxford Reference Premium: The Classics

Planning a summer vacation to Greece or Rome? Involved in the library's daytime or evening Great Books clubs? If you don't know Ajax from Aesop, you may want to consider perusing the library's Oxford Reference Premium Collection, which includes several authoritative works covering "the Classics."

To access this electronic resource, simply log on with your Fauquier County Public Library card number. Under Subject Reference, choose Classics.

There you'll see titles such as Who's Who in the Classical World. Focusing exclusively on real people, this dictionary of ancient biography covers Greek and Roman history and politics, literature, philosophy, science and art and covers major historical and cultural themes in antiquity, centred round individuals as varied as Herodotus, Socrates, Plato, Alexander the Great and Augustus.

To better understand the inspiration behind so much of Western art and literature, check out the electronic version of the Oxford Companion to Classical Literature, an ideal reference book for anyone interested in the classical world and its literary heritage. It gives accounts of the lives of many classical authors and character entries and plot summaries for their works.

If you're looking for something more general, the Oxford Companion to Classical Civilization provides an authoritative survey of the Greek and Roman worlds in all their aspects, offering articles on diverse fields such as history and politics, ethics and morals, law and punishment, social and family life, language, literature and art, religion and mythology, technology, science and medicine.